Google Maps For iOS Gets Multiple Destinations Support For Multi-Stop Roadtrips


A few months back, Google sent out an update to its Android version of Google Maps, which allowed users to plan for multiple stops along a route.

The company recently delivered the same multi-stop convenience to Apple fans, who can now plan for more complex road trips thanks to the latest update to the iOS version of Google Maps.

What the feature does is it permits users to settle more than one destination alongside a route. To exemplify, those who go on road trips filled with scenic stops can use the Multiple Destinations function to make sure they do not miss a single important one.

The feature works great for those who have a long list of urban locations to get to.

In its blog post announcing the release of the feature for iOS, Google explains how it works.

Users only need to open the app, input a destination, tap the corner menu and tap "Add stop." Should you want to prioritize a stop and change the initial order, tapping and holding the stop you want to prioritize then dragging it in the desired position should do it.

After adding all your stops, simply tap "Done" and watch your multi-stop route unfold in the app.

"When you enter navigation mode you'll have the same seamless driving experience you're used to, whether you're going from errand to errand or hitting scenic spots along Route 66," Google says.

Keep in mind that the app allows users to set up top three different stops. At the bottom of the list, you can see an estimation of the duration of the trip.

Multiple iOS users report that the update is already live, which is an incentive for Apple mobile device owners to update their Google Maps as soon as possible. They can do so easily by going to the official iTunes page.

Google Maps for iOS comes in wake of multiple improvements that the app received during the last weeks. About a week ago, Google implemented the Wi-Fi-only mode, specially crafted to help users save on mobile data. Additionally, it upgraded the app with a feature that tells you when public transportation is delayed, so you can find alternative means of transportation or simply make it easier to estimate and announce your delay.

The interface of the app received a revamping as well, and users commended the way in which Google Maps displays important information after the UI tweaks.

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