Gears Of War 4' Getting Pro League: Microsoft Announces eSports Pro Circuit With $1 Million Prize Pool


Gears of War 4 players can lock and load, as Microsoft and The Coalition proudly announced the start of a Gears eSports Pro Circuit.

The competition will consist of a series of global tournaments that all players owning a copy of the game can take part in. The tournament is scheduled to last 10 months and it will begin in November, with the big final scheduled for July 2017.

For the Gears of War teams to advance, they must top in both daily and weekly tournament matches, alongside the MLG GameBattles ladders. The matches are scheduled to take place with double-elimination brackets, with teams of five pitted against each other in the new Escalation mode of Gears of War 4.

Every point earned by a team makes it more likely for it to qualify in the global circuit LAN matches. These are programmed to take place once every month or every two months over the duration of the tourney.

"The Gears Pro Circuit features more international crossplay and competition than ever before in Gears of War history," the organizers explain in their presentation video.

According to the video, the competition areas will require teams from Oceania, Latin America, Europe and North America to battle each other and score Gears Pro Points to qualify in the upper rounds of the tournament. Teams that are not making it up to the top travel spots can still engage each other at local events or any international event that they want.

To incentivize players to give their best shot, Gfinity and Major League Gaming (MLG) are offering more than $1 million in cash prizes.

Go to to find out more about the live broadcasts of the tournament matches, and keep in mind that although Gears of War 4 fans must wait until Oct. 11 to see it on their Xbox Ones, pre-orders are already open.

Those who are more into being spectators than active players should know when to log in for the live broadcasting. Between Nov. 25 and 27, 2016, teams will clash in Columbus, Ohio. Between Dec. 17 and 18, 2016, teams will compete in in London, United Kingdom. Sometime during the Spring of 2017, teams will face off in Mexico City, Mexico, with additional events in Columbus, Ohio and Paris, France. The grand finale will take place during the summer of next year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Additionally, one secret event with a $100,000 prize pool will be announced at a later date.

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