Want to review an Android app on the Google Play Store but too lazy to create or log in to your Google Plus account? If you answered yes, then you will be pleased to learn that this will not be a prerequisite any longer.

That's correct. This news was confirmed by a Google spokesperson to online publication TechCrunch.

"The Google Play Store will not require you to have a Google+ account to write reviews anymore. In an email to TechCrunch, Google confirmed the news that 'a G+ profile is no longer needed to post a review,'" reveals the publication.

The information that users may soon not be required to own a Google Plus account if they wished to write an app review was first brought to light by Android Police, which cited a tip off from readers.

Many users reported that they could not spot the "G+" sign on the Play Store. When a few people attempted to post a review sans a sign-in via their Google Plus profile, they were surprisingly successful.

Google is now apparently pushing out the new change across Google Plus accounts, with several users reporting that they are now able to put up reviews on the Play Store without an account on Google Plus.

Previously, Google's policy dictated that only users with a connected Google Plus account were able to post an app review on its Play Store. However, now the requirement has been quietly removed by the company.

The changes is likely being rolled out in phases as several people have shared that the G+ symbol is still visible and the option to post an app review without signing in to the profile is still not possible.

The removal of the requirement of a Google Plus account to post an app review is not the only change the company has pushed out. Google has also done away with the "+1" voting option for any of the apps in the Play Store. This option previously indicated to a user's Google Plus friends that they could check out an app a user gave a thumbs up to.

Google has been attempting to make minor alterations to its failed social networking site, which completed five years this July.

In July 2015, the company delinked Google Plus from YouTube comments. In February this year, Tech Times reported that Play Games got rid of the Google Plus requirement, replacing it with Gamer IDs.

It has been evident for a while that a change is coming for Google Plus. The removal of the Google Plus account for an app review will surely be appreciated by Play Store users as it makes the process less cumbersome.

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