On the lookout for the next gym accessory to help fuel workouts before the holidays? Then, Jabra's latest earbuds might just be the next best thing to buy.

Jabra unveiled its latest earbuds on Thursday as part of its Elite lineup that it claims to be the "most technically advanced" and truly wireless option available.

Called the Jabra Elite Sport, the earbuds sound like they will provide everything the consumer needs to help motivate their workouts.

Along with obviously providing the sounds of music to serve as a soundtrack to sweat sessions, the earbuds analyze external sounds to automatically tune out any background noise. This helps the Jabra Elite Sport provide the user with high-quality audio, whether they are taking a call or playing their favorite song to keep them in the right frame of mind to finish that last set.

The Elite Sport also works as a training aid in multiple ways. This is done by providing real-time feedback during a workout that essentially serves as an in-ear personal trainer that provides tips. Along with audio coaching during the workout, when the workout is completed, the earbuds vocalize information like the level of fitness, distance, pace and calories burned.

It can also track the user's heart rate via its in-ear monitor. The user can then launch the accompanying app for iOS and Android to view their VO2 max measurements to help them reach their goals. The buds are also equipped with a "TrackFit Motion Counting Sensor," or the wearable's tri-axis accelerometer to provide other fitness stats.

The wireless earbuds deliver stereo sound to the user cord-free, featuring ear gels, wings and tips to provide a comfortable fit that won't fall out of the ear, while enhancing the bass and cancelling noise without interference when trying to take a call. The buds are equipped with two microphones to capture the user's voice, while simultaneously reducing noise so that only their voice is heard.

The Elite Sport will run for three hours when fully charged, or up to nine hours when using its carry-case.

The earbuds are sweat- and water-proof when the accidentally fall into up to three feet of water. Just make sure not to use them while swimming.

The Jabra Elite Sport will retail for $249.99 when it becomes available exclusively at Best Buy on Oct. 20. Preorders for the wireless earbuds start in early October.

Source: Jabra

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