Amid the controversial recall launched by Samsung for the Galaxy Note 7, Gear VR co-maker Oculus VR warned users not to use the smartphone with the virtual reality headset.

Last week, Samsung issued a worldwide recall for the Galaxy Note 7 amid reports of the smartphone's batteries exploding while being charged. It was previously thought that third-party USB Type-C cables were causing the explosions, but with Samsung's decision to recall the devices, it seems that the problem is in the Galaxy Note 7's battery itself.

Facebook-owned Oculus, on its website, noted that Samsung has issued a product recall for the Galaxy Note 7 due to issues with the smartphone's battery. The company warned that users should not use the Galaxy Note 7 with the Gear VR until the smartphone has been replaced.

In addition to the warning, the Galaxy Note 7 has been removed from the list of devices that are compatible with the Gear VR. Oculus has also sent out e-mails to Gear VR users containing a similar warning to the one posted on the company's website.

While there have so far been no reports on a Galaxy Note 7 exploding while being used with the Gear VR or a Gear VR catching fire while paired with the Galaxy Note 7, Oculus is understandably not taking any chances. If the Galaxy Note 7 would explode while connected to the Gear VR, the incident could inflict serious injuries to the user, and so Galaxy Note 7 owners should just play it safe and hold off on using their smartphone with the virtual reality headset for now.

Samsung showcased the second-generation Gear VR alongside the Galaxy Note 7, with the updated virtual reality headset featuring USB Type-C connectivity with a revamped and more comfortable design.

While the second-generation Gear VR was released to take advantage of the Galaxy Note 7's capabilities, owners of the smartphone should heed the warning sent out by Oculus until their unit is replaced by Samsung through its ongoing recall program.

Most consumers would think that Samsung is handling its worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 efficiently, as the company has been very quick and transparent regarding the matter. However, Consumer Reports has launched criticisms against Samsung, claiming that the recall is being handled wrongly.

According to Consumer Reports, because Samsung did not go through the proper process, the recall program for the Galaxy Note 7 could not be considered an official one. If the company involved the Consumer Product Safety Commission for an official recall, the government would have been given the authority to make selling the Galaxy Note 7 illegal until the units are replaced.

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