We all want our own personal assistants to help us stay on top of our home and work on tasks that need to be completed. However, imagine if that assistant could remind you about appointments, help pull up emails and do a Google search, could also watch over the family, entertain the kids and even read them a bedtime story at night?

That is exactly what this robot can do.

The Moorebot is an interactive robot that is insanely adorable with its animated big eyes and cute voice that makes it the owner's very own minion.

The desktop robot can stand on any piece of furniture in a business or home, and can even be hung upside down. It serves multiple purposes, such as being a self-learning voice assistant that can follow orders, take photos, record video in 1080p, monitor the room remotely with peer-to-peer connection, provide information like the news or weather, set reminders and control smart home devices.

It also can be a form of entertainment by telling jokes, doing a funny "eyeball dance" when music is playing, playing games with others and more.

The robot definitely has its own personality. Moorebot speaks with its own unique voice, and its eye opens wide when it's excited, closes when it's bored and blinks when it's not sure about something.

This is where it can get a little creepy. That blinking eye will follow a user to continue to make eye contact. Its video-recording capabilities can record what's going on in the house (with the option to cover the eye to make sure the camera isn't rolling for privacy's sake), and will take pictures while sharing a family moment.

Moorebot wants to do more than help with to-do tasks by becoming a companion for the entire family — which again, is sweet, but could also bring about those feelings like some animatronic toy is watching you sleep or studying your every move.

While this fear is probably just from playing too much Five Nights at Freddy's, the Moorebot can really come in handy for both businesses and homes.

The robot has a quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor with 2 GB of storage and is equipped with sensors, a four-lens camera, microphones and Wi-Fi connectivity. It runs on Linux OS 3.4 with iOS and Android app support. It also has an open platform so that the robot behavior can be customized, and it will continue to learn over time.

Moorebot is currently in development with help from a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Those who pledge at least $179 plus shipping will get a Moorebot when it's expected to be shipped by the end of November.

The campaign has already reached its $30,000 goal with 18 days still to go.

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