A YouTuber has converted a full-length mirror into a gigantic functional iPhone.

On Sept. 28, the YouTube user (dymekraf) posted a video on how the gigantic mirror phone works. The user designed the entire mirror to work as a touchscreen based on Apple iOS 10 and he can do almost everything as a person can do on a regular iPhone.

Sitting in front of the mirror, the user demonstrated how he easily opens and closes apps that appear along the sides of mirror borders. On the top of the mirror, he has the time and the weather forecast for five days.

"Design includes the time and date in the upper right hand corner and weather in the top left. All apps can be moved around and placed anywhere on the mirror," says the video description. "Some useful things you can do with this mirror: Request an Uber, watch Netflix, read the news, control smart thermostat / light bulbs, control Sonos speaker system and more."

Normally, smartphone owners can set their device to turn off the screen after being idle for a specific time. The mirror also goes to sleep after being inactive for 45 seconds. The mirror appears to be like any other mirror when not in use. However, the YouTuber demonstrated that the mirror wakes up and shows all the apps when touched anywhere.

The video has been viewed about 39,000 times since it was posted and many people appreciate the effort. Several YouTubers also seem to be interested to know how to make it.

"That's really neat. I don't develop for iOS professionally, so sorry for the basic question. Is this themed/skined after iOS10, or is the software running iOS10? Can you go into how you did the scaling and what hardware/OS you used?" commented a YouTuber.

Many people want to convert their homes into a smart home and the mirror converted to a smartphone is one example of what could be available in a futuristic smart home.

Many companies including Nest, Samsung, Phillips and more are investing their resources in developing smart home products. Home automation or smart homes let users control various aspects in their homes such as air conditioning, ventilation, security and more without the need of being physically present at the home.

Smart homes are also used for developing entertainment solutions at home, and the latest mirror converted to an iPhone is a great example as the YouTuber also demonstrates watching House of Cards on the mirror, via the Netflix app.

Check out the video of the mirror converted to a phone in action.

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