Destiny: Rise of Iron players who were yearning for a challenge have to wait just a bit longer, as the Heroic Mode for Wrath of the Machine lands in less than two weeks.

Gamers were already able to go through the Wrath of the Machine raid, exploring its slew of secrets, such as the challenging Outbreak Prime Exotic quest.

Bungie has set up high expectations for its fans and it will bring new content to Destiny: Rise of Iron to keep the fires of Iron Banner burning. The gaming company recently published a teaser image in its newest Bungie Weekly Update, touting the launch of Hard Mode for Wrath of the Machine. The release date for the challenging mode? Oct. 18.

The date is on a Tuesday, the day Destiny is resetting. This means that almost all players will be able to jump in the action and enjoy Hard Mode for Wrath of the Machine after the standard reset time of 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Bungie hinted at the fact that players who want to embark on Destiny: Rise of Iron's Hard Mode for Wrath of the Machine should sport at least 385 cap. This could dampen the spirit of some less prepared players, but it is well-intentioned advice aimed at keeping the game experience pleasant. On the bright side, Bungie says that the increased difficulty mode will give loot of up to 400 Light, so Destiny fans just got a great incentive to level up prior to the release.

What's more, the gaming company released an update to the calendar of Destiny: Rise of Iron. The main major element in the game is the aforementioned Hard Mode, but raid challenges are in tow following Oct. 18.

Bungie points out that when straying from the "path of the Siege Engine," gamers will be able to enjoy races and festivals. Our reading on this hint is that both Sparrow Racing League and Festival of the Lost are in tow.

We should see Festival of the Lost landing on multiple platforms when October ends, with the Sparrow Racing League engaging gamers sometime during the holiday season.

As a reminder, Wrath of the Machine rolled out on Sept. 23, only three days after Bungie launched the third expansion for Destiny, Rise of Iron. As the update landed on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, teams of Guardians set out to unravel the mysteries of the new patch.

The quickest time of completion was under three hours.

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