In what appears to be an incredible feat, a team of gamers have defeated Aksis, the final boss in Destiny: Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine Raid. What made it exceptional was the fact that the players did not use their guns and merely threw grenades and executed melee attacks.

To be fair, Aksis is not impossible to kill. As a matter of fact, fans are already finding creative ways to outwit him, more than two weeks after the release of the PvE expansion. The convention that seems to emerge from these body of strategies is the requirement for six players, who are then split into separate teams.

The same is also true in the case of the gamers who recently took down Aksis. The group was exclusively composed of six Sunsinger Warlocks, constituting a full fireteam. They only relied on their Supers as they spammed the hapless boss with grenades.

The players have posted a blow-by-blow account of the strategy at Reddit, and it was not by any means less exciting than the actual gameplay.

The strategy largely worked due to the clever use of red plates that are positioned in the room. The players used this to get a full Super instantly. This is possible by having an Empowered Guardian to slam into the plate instead of launching it toward the boss. The method allowed the players to maintain a consistent barrage of grenade attacks without sustaining significant damage.

"This was really fun to do, and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we did creating it!" one of the players' Reddit account stated.

There were, of course, instances when the players did fire their guns. Scorch Canon was, for instance, employed to eliminate the Servitors. Here, one should remember that the players cannot destroy a servitor without using its canon since the game's mechanics require it to be so. In some strategies, the canon is also used in the actual takedown, but here, it was merely left on the ground.

Still, there are some observers who think that killing Aksis presently might not be as impressive. This is because the expansion allows players to overlevel so that gamers have the strength to remain alive while dealing massive amount of damage at the same time.

With several instances of Aksis' demise, Bungie is probably taking notes, particularly in the process of building more formidable bosses. The company is currently developing Destiny 2, which is expected to roll out next year.

The Aksis slayers will have also another challenge to occupy them in the meantime. A Heroic Mode for the PvE raid is to launch on Oct. 18.

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