The Power Rangers, each commanding a different giant, mechanized animal or dinosaur, form together to form the mighty Mega Zord. Voltron, on the other hand, is formed by five giant lion mechs coming together, each piloted by a Paladin.

It's not exactly hard to see the two similarities between the two popular franchises, and both are seeing a resurgence in pop culture relevance thanks to the critically acclaimed Voltron animated series by Netflix and the upcoming Power Rangers live-action film reboot. That all begs the question: which is better, the Mega Zord or Voltron?

No doubt it's a question fans of both franchises have pondered over the years, and it's a question the folks at ismahawk have at long last answered in their latest "Minute Match-Up" video. The video pits the Power Rangers and their dinosaur-themed Zords against that of Voltron, and it's the spectacular battle fans have always wanted to see. It helps that many of the Paladins and Power Rangers are played by familiar faces. Kinda Funny's Greg Miller (formerly of IGN) is seen on the side of Voltron, and prominent WWE wrestler Xavier Woods plays the role of the Black Ranger.

While the fighting in this fan-made short is top-notch, the humor goes a long way as well. At the start of the battle, the Power Rangers are confused by the Paladins immediately forming Voltron, rather than duking it out on the ground in hand-to-hand combat first, as is Power Rangers tradition. Miller throws out the line "Let's knock the copyright infringement out of these posers" while the Blue Ranger is constantly ignored by the rest of the Power Rangers team.

But let's be clear: it's the fight that takes center stage. It doesn't take long for Voltron and the Mega Zord to fly into space for their battle, where they clash with their iconic weapons above the Earth's atmosphere, smashing asteroids and dashing back and forth. Power Swords, laser whips and the Mastodon Shield all make an appearance as the two iconic mechs battle for supremacy. Wondering who comes out victorious? You'll have to watch the video for yourself to find out, but the conclusion might surprise you.

The Power Rangers reboot is due in theaters March 2017, while season two of Netflix's Voltron will arrive in January.

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