Bungie's increasingly popular first-person shooter Destiny is getting more content in form of new customization options for a few of its weapons. No less than five exotic guns will be getting novel decorations.

Bungie also announced that two seasonal events are in tow for the near future.

Gamespot reports that Bungie posted news about its exotic weapon ornaments on Destiny's official blog. Trigger-happy gamers will be happy to find out that the Bad Juju gun is getting two updates, and they will land at the Festival of the Lost event. Despite not having a fixed date for the event, Bungie says that it will very soon clarify when players can embark on it.

Looking at the new content Bungie brings to its exotic guns, two of them are the public's sweethearts Red Death and Thorn, and Destiny players will be able to use the new ornaments for the guns starting this holiday season. Bungie says that both weapons will get updates and decorations this winter, and it is putting the pedal to the metal to see this happening.

At the end of September, gamers discovered a powerful new means of destroying their adversaries in form of the Outbreak Prime, an awesome-looking, SIVA nanite-carrying pulse rifle. You can read all about it and the complicated way to get it in our coverage.

Not only is Bungie going to roll out new ornaments for five of its exotic weaponry, but gamers who prefer other means of killing their opponents, such as Black Spindle and The Last Word, should know that these will also be getting new decoration options.

The gaming company did not specify when these ornaments will appear, but rumors surfaced that the Sparrow Racing League might be a really good moment. Just remember that it does not have an official release date, just like the Festival of the Lost.

It's worth taking a peek at Destiny's official page to be up to date with the release dates for Sparrow Racing League and Festival of the Lost.

Destiny fans can expect to see Sparrow Racing League suffering some pretty big modifications. Live team director Jerry Hook notes that the new SRL will be "wrapped in a different style."

The shift of focus comes as Bungie gathered feedback from gamers who are not that fond of racing. Hook goes on to add that his company tweaked the event so that those players also get excited about the upcoming holiday releases.

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