Strange Lights Over Phoenix: Aliens In Mysterious UFOs Visit Arizona?


The Twitterverse lit up this week after several users reported of seeing an unidentified flying object streaking across the night sky in Arizona.

While some details of the reports vary, most of the posts said the UFO was seen flying over the Queen Creek area in East Valley Tuesday, Oct. 25, between 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.

Mysterious Lights Over The Valley

People in the town of Gilbert, just outside of Phoenix, said the object appeared to be a set of three lights making its way to the valley's southern portion. Another mysterious object was seen in the sky over Globe some 70 miles away from Gilbert.

Twitter user Tyler Reese excitedly exclaimed that he just saw a UFO, while Max Elenes asked others on social media if they were able to see the flying object as well.

User Sassan also went online to report that he or she spotted weird lights over East Valley just south of Arizona's Superstition Mountain. Sassan later said that the lights seemed like a group of three to four orange stars and that a new one would appear just as another started to disappear from the sky.

Todd Goodman, another eyewitness of the event, sent local NBC affiliate 12 News a video of strange lights that were seen over the Phoenix area on Tuesday evening.

Other social media users, who were skeptical of the possible extraterrestrial nature of the sighting, said that the supposed UFO could just be parachute jumpers.

However, the Phoenix Skyhawks, a group that regularly organizes parachute jumps in the area, clarified that there were no jumps scheduled for that evening.

The Sheriff's Office of Maricopa County also said that it didn't receive any calls related to Tuesday's UFO sightings.

What Could The UFOs Be?

The nature of the mysterious flying object is still being debated online, but if you ask radio host and space enthusiast Dr. Sky, there's a chance that it could be aircraft flying over East Valley.

"With the air traffic patterns in the Valley, what we see are a lot of stacked aircraft that are coming into Sky Harbor," Dr. Sky said. However, he did admit that the object didn't look quite right.

He also said that calling the strange lights as a UFO is only accurate since nobody seems to be able to identify it.

As far as the mysterious object's alien connection is concerned, Dr. Sky pointed out that there have been accounts of extraterrestrials visiting our planet before, such as the Roswell incident during the 1940s.

He said that they will continue to find out what people on the internet really saw flying over Arizona.

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