UFO Sighting Over Hawaii Triggers investigation Of Possible Hidden Alien Base


There have been recent claims that aliens have a secret base on Earth, reported after seeing a supposedly "classic 1950s B Movie style flying saucer" hovering over a mountain in Waikane, Hawaii. Paranormal investigators are currently probing the image that was submitted as proof of the phenomenon, and the Mutual UFO Network is currently handling the case.

The image was taken by an anonymous photographer on Oct. 23, and then it was sent to the U.S.-based organization, which is also the largest worldwide when it comes to the investigation of paranormal phenomena, including UFOs and aliens possibly visiting the Earth.

The eyewitness explained in the report that he was taking shots at the Kaneoha Bay during lunch time. The image was part of a multiple-pictures series, which implies the photos were taken one after the other less than a second apart.

The report also contained an explanation of the one picture being different from all the others. The initial thought of the photographer was that there might have been some obstruction on the lens that caused the strange object's appearance. After a closer look, the eyewitness became sure of having spotted a UFO.

The man also declared that he used to be skeptical about these kinds of occurrences, but the event changed his mind.

"I don't really believe in stereotypical UFOs but this creeped me out so much that I'm reporting it just in case it really is one. The unidentified object I saw was a disk, football shape and it was yellow/orange," he explained in the report.

The man attached the photos in the report he submitted to the MUFON, declaring that after a series of shots with the mountains, there appears this strange object, which could possibly be a UFO.

Believers who think that conspiracy theories are nothing but the truth, are also convinced that there exists an alien base in Hawaii. According to them, it would only make sense for the aliens to prefer mountain tops over any other relief, as they can hide better from the Earth's population.

It sometimes happens for lucky observers to spot evidence of alien existence, although it rarely occurs. Conspiracy theorists also believe that Hawaii, similar to Russia, is one of the hot spots of UFOs.

Actually, the sovereignty group Lawful Hawaiian Government has even built a landing place for the UFOs, in case any visits occur. The group is interested in building peaceful relationships among humans and every creature that would inhabit our planet, which is why they considered this as a highly relevant opportunity to put the Hawaiian region back among the UFO hot spots.

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