Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue: Fix Now Rolling Out


Microsoft has already released an update, which aims to fix a battery issue that affects certain Surface Pro 3 devices — a popular 2-in-1 laptop. The company states that the new firmware, which was quietly rolled out Nov. 7 should already address extreme battery drainage reported by consumers as early as August.

Firmware And Diminished Battery

The update rollout came with the information that the problem involved devices that have LGC batteries. Several Surface Pro 3 owners have complained that since an August update, their tablets can no longer hold a charge while battery capacity seemed to have been diminished.

That particular update was meant to fix a previous battery problem for Surface Pro 3 devices outfitted with Simplo batteries. Microsoft has previously denied that the August firmware has caused the recent battery drainage.

Surface Pro 3 Battery Problem: Solved

Microsoft claimed that the new fix, which is being called the Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware, targets the error caused by a misreported charging data to the operating system and device firmware.

"This update corrects the logic in the firmware component that functions as the 'fuel gauge' for the Surface Pro 3 battery, so that the actual battery capacity on devices with this particular part is accurately reported," Microsoft stated. "This allows the Surface to once again leverage the maximum charge capacity of the battery."

This early, some users are already reporting that the update does not work. However, based on the firmware details provided by Microsoft, it appears that the fix is gradual and that the device will self-correct over the course several charge and discharge cycles.

In addition, the updates are cumulative, which means that aside from the latest patch, some Surface devices have to download other updates if these are not yet installed.

Manual Update Installation

Microsoft explained that all pertinent updates are triggered automatically but those who have not received the firmware can manually install it. They will just need to go to Settings accessed from the Start menu, then select Update & Security. Once they see the Windows Update, they can then click Check for Updates option. The device should start automatically downloading the firmware, identified as System Firmware Update — 11/7/2016.

Microsoft recommends that even those Surface Pro 3 devices that are not affected by the battery issue need to install the firmware. The company also added that it will refund those who paid up to $450 to get an out-of-warranty-replacement after experiencing the battery problem. You can already save that amount for an upgrade especially now that the Surface Pro 5 is coming.

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