The PlayStation 4 Pro was released on Thursday and one of the things a new product eventually goes through, especially something as vaunted as Sony's PlayStation 4 refresh, is the inevitable teardown video.

Ahead of anyone else, the company itself has uploaded an official teardown video of the PS4 Pro. It's the company's 4K-capable semi-update to the PS4 with an enhanced GPU that can output High Dynamic Range, or HDR content.

Here, we'll take a look at the console's guts.

What's Inside The PS4 Pro?

After the multitude of seals and screws and panels were taken off, we finally get a first look inside the PS4 Pro. The interior has two main screws keeping the power supply unit in place. Once unscrewed, the top panel was removed, revealing the power supply unit, heat sink, fan, drive unit and two Wi-Fi antennas.

At the back of the device, the coaxial cables were removed, paving the way for the large, silver shield called the bottom shield to be discarded. Once pulled off, we see the motherboard hiding underneath.

At the center of the motherboard is the boosted processor powering the 4K graphics and HDR. Additionally, the main processor's power circuit was increased to a six-phase configuration, compared with the original PS4's three-phase. Five of those power the GPU and the remaining one powers the processor.

The remaining part of the teardown video dives down further into other parts of the console like the fan, the drive unit and all other parts. At almost 13 minutes, the teardown is quite a lengthy one, though it's packed with an ample fluency of technical jargon to make the tech-savvy gamer's ears perk up.

How Powerful Is The PS4 Pro Compared With The PS4?

The main improvement in the PS4 Pro is obviously the improved GPU, and Sony has already ensured that several games will support the much more powerful capabilities of the console, bringing consistent framerates, 4K graphics, supersampling and enhanced effects.

Those who plan on getting the PS4 Pro should take note that the best features of the console won't work when paired with a PlayStation VR headset, so you have to decide if that little drawback is a deal-breaker for you.

The PS4 Pro was released Nov. 10, touted by the company as the "world's most powerful console." It comes with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and another 1 GB of DRAM for the CPU alone. It starts at $399 and you can either opt for 500 GB or 1 TB of storage. A list of retailers is available on Sony's website.

Did you purchase the PS4 Pro? What are your thoughts about the console so far? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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