Google's pair of self-branded flagships, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, have been out in the market for close to a month now, and while many have issued due praise for Google's premium non-Nexus offerings, only a few know that these phones were actually manufactured by HTC.

In fact, before HTC ran up to the task, Huawei was almost slated to manufacture the pair of flagships until a vague falling out with Google occurred, dissolving further plans. Now, an executive from Huawei has confirmed that Google has approached Huawei to manufacture the Pixel phones, but Huawei pulled out due to a number of concerns.

Why Huawei Didn't Want To Make the Google Pixel

Google had previously collaborated with Huawei for the Nexus 6P, the company's previous flagship offering along with LG's Nexus 5X. Apparently, Google wanted to extend the partnership it had with Huawei, but upon hearing Google's plans with the pair of smartphones, Huawei grew disinterested.

Colin Giles, Huawei's VP for the company's Consumer Business Group, was the one who confirmed Huawei's withdrawal, as stated in an article (translated) by German blog WinFuture.

Google apparently wanted the Pixel to entirely carry its own name, dropping any branding footprint from partner manufacturers. Killing its "Nexus" naming scheme was ample evidence of this sentiment. Huawei apparently didn't find this amenable. Its farewell was occupied by HTC, now the manufacturer of the Pixel phones, though true to Google's intent, the HTC branding is nowhere to be found, save for a subtle and hidden logo embedded in the device's battery.

Obviously, Google is banking on its "Phone by Google" branding strategy even if it means that the actual manufacturers would receive considerably less, if any, visibility. Google's Nexus phones previously featured the makers of the device, and the company was more lax about opening the phones to other channels for those who wanted to purchase a unit.

This time, Google is aggressively marketing the Pixel phones as its own, even handling sales altogether. HTC had been relegated to mere manufacturer instead of earning its own signature.

Did Google Fall Short On Its Promises For the Nexus 6P?

The partnership between Huawei and Google was spearheaded by last year's Nexus 6P. Google reportedly fell short on its roster of promises for the 6P. According to Android Police, it promised a multi-hundred-million-dollar ad campaign for the phone alongside prominent exposure across major brick-and-mortar retail outlets of U.S. carriers, with the implied agreement that Huawei would match Google's offer of dollar for dollar.

The Nexus 6P was never launched on a major U.S. carrier, and Google even demanded to lock the phone for a certain period on its own store, straining the two's relationship.

The State Of Google And Huawei's Partnership

Google and Huawei seem to have put its differences behind, as the two will reportedly continue pursuing "strategic initiatives" and products together, including a smartphone slated for the latter half of 2017.

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