Clouds, weather conditions and intense urban lighting may have prevented some people to see and appreciate the supermoon this week, but there were lucky ones who were able to gaze and capture amazing photos of the moon. One man may have been luckier, though, as he was able to capture what some think is a video of UFOs passing by the lunar orb.

The supermoon watcher managed to film what he claimed to be UFOs while he was viewing and taking videos of the full moon in Surprise, Arizona on Saturday, Nov. 12.

Two Mysterious Objects Flying By The Supermoon

The video shows footage of two objects flying by the lunar disk within a short time frame. The cameraman claimed to have filmed the scene while using a NexStar 6se telescope and a Sony HandyCam.

The cameraman said that the objects seem to have distortion surrounding them.

Scott Waring of the UFO and alien-focused blog UFO Sighting Daily said that the objects are solid explaining that the light of the lunar disk could be seen through it if it were transparent. He said that the field surrounding the objects could be attributed to alien propulsion, citing that haze has already been seen in many earlier UFO photos.

Possibly Balloons Or Leaves

Many of those who viewed the videos, however, are skeptical that the objects are vessels driven or operated by aliens from an extraterrestrial world. Some believe the objects in question are just balloons.

One viewer commented that the cameraman filmed something close that passed by, possibly leaves.

"You can tell what you caught on film was way too close to be in space because the focus was way off. So, by all accounts, it is the definition of a UFO, but it really just looks like a leaf blowing in the wind," the commenter said.

Rondomon, who uploaded the video on YouTube, acknowledged that the objects were never said to be in space. He said the objects could indeed be balloons but noted that these flew by just seconds apart and crossed the moon's path. He said the objects also flew pretty straight for a leaf and blew seconds apart on the same path.

November Supermoon

The supermoon on Monday was the nearest supermoon in almost 70 years. The last time the moon was this close to Earth was in 1948.

Here's the video of the mysterious objects passing by the moon:

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