Battlefield 1's first major update arrived earlier this week, tweaking various maps, adding hardcore servers and balancing some of the game's weapons.

As if that wasn't reason enough to log on to DICE's World War I shooter, the game's Battlefest event also kicks off this week.


Any player who logs into Battlefield 1 from November 16 to Nov. 27 will receive a special Battlefest-themed dog tag for use in-game. The dog tags will be given out to players at the end of the event on Nov. 28, so don't be alarmed when you don't immediately receive it.

Those who signed up for EA's Battlefield Insider service prior to Nov. 16 will also receive a special dog tag next time they log into Battlefield 1.

There's also a special weapon skin up for grabs. Players who play Battlefield 1 on three different days during the event and win one Operations match will receive the exclusive PTFO weapon skin. Battlepacks are also getting a Battlefest update, though details on what exactly is changing (aside from the boxes) are unclear. DICE developers will be online for multiple nights during the events playing with fans, and playing the game on Friday, November 18 with the devs will snag you yet another exclusive dog tag.

Double XP

But while Battlefield 1 is the latest entry in the franchise, there are plenty of reasons for players of Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 to log in as well.

Those who play either game on Friday, Nov. 18 or Friday, Nov. 25 will receive double XP. Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4 players can also score 25 kills with the M1911 weapon in their respective games to earn a "Road to Battlefield 1" dog tag and M1911 weapon skin for use in Battlefield 1.

Curiously, those playing Battlefield 1 are being left out when it comes to the double xp days being offered in installments.

Last but certainly not least, DICE has also added custom game types to Battlefield 1. The first is called "Fog of War", and removes the minimap from the game and forces players to battle it out in a dense fog that shrouds the battlefield.

By December, Battlefield 1 will receive a free additional map, which should be more than enough reason to keep players logging on. You can read our full review of Battlefield 1 here on Tech Times.

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