The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones of 2016. Reports suggest that the mobile phone is also at the top of the list for emitting the lowest electromagnetic radiation level.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Specific absorption rate (SAR) is an indication that establishes the amount of radiation absorbed by humans while using a cell phone. Higher SAR indicates that the device is emitting more electromagnetic radiation. SAR values are expressed in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg) in either 1 g or 10 g of tissue.

As these waves are not ionized, they can potentially increase the risk of cancer in humans, which means a phone with least electromagnetic radiation is most preferable to avoid cancer risks.

How Much Electromagnetic Radiation Does Galaxy S7 Edge Emit?

A French Internet information technology (IT) news media, PhonAndroid, released a list of top ten smartphones with least emission of electromagnetic radiation. The SAR values for Galaxy Note 7 edge is 0.264 W/kg, which brings the Samsung device at the top of the list.

Other Phones In The Top 10 List Of Phones Emitting Least Electromagnetic Radiation

The second and third position in the list goes to Asus Zenfone 3 with SAR value of 0.278 W/kg and the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) with SAR value of 0.290 W/kg.

Lenovo Moto Z (SAR value 0.304 W/kg), OnePlus 3 (SAR value 0.394 W/kg), Samsung Galaxy S7 (SAR value 0.406 W/kg) and HTC 10 (SAR value 0.417 W/kg) were next in the list.

The Sony Xperia XA (SAR value 0.473 W/kg), Honor 5X (SAR value 0.560 W/kg) and Samsung Galaxy A3 - 2016 (SAR value 0.621 W/kg) were on the eighth, ninth and tenth positions respectively.

List Of Top 10 Smartphones That Emit The Most Electromagnetic Radiation

Here is a top 10 list of phones released by the French website that are most harmful to humans in terms of emitting most radiation.

Honor 8 (SAR value 1.5 W/kg)

Huawei P9 (SAR value 1.43 W/kg)

Apple iPhone 7 (SAR value 1.38 W/kg)

Apple iPhone 7 Plus (SAR value 1.24 W/kg)

Honor 5C (SAR value 1.14 W/kg)

Sony Xperia X Compact (SAR value 1.08 W/kg)

Sony Xperia XZ (SAR value 0.870 W/kg)

LG G5 (SAR value 0.737 W/kg)

Apple iPhone SE (SAR value 0.720 W/kg)

Sony Xperia X (SAR value 0.720 W/kg)

Best Practices To Adopt

Studies regarding the risks of electromagnetic radiation on human health are contradictory. However, it is also possible to adopt best practices to avoid to minimize any potential dangers. Smartphone users should not keep their device on some sensitive areas such as heart, hips, genitals and more for long period of time.

Users should also avoid sleeping next to a phone.

A smartphone is believed to emit more radiation when signals are weak as the phone is constantly in search of network. If you are considering to get a Galaxy S7 edge, you can check out the price here.

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