The iPhone 7 may have survived a scratch and bend torture test it was subjected to by a YouTuber. The Apple flagship also proved it was a tough cookie and more than merely water resistant as it survived submersions in hot coffee, tea and soda.

Now the iPhone 7 has been put to the test again by YouTuber TechRax who attempts to find out if the smartphone can survive one of its biggest trials ever — an acid bath!

TechRax is not new to conducting torture tests on Apple devices be it crushing an Apple Watch with magnets or drilling an iPhone. The tech enthusiast's latest YouTube video puts the matte black variant of the iPhone 7 through the rigors to see if it can survive a "superacid" — Fluoroantimonic acid.

"How does Fluoroantimonic Acid react to an iPhone 7? I decided to find the answer!" shares TechRax.

Fluoroantimonic acid is one of the most powerful and strongest acids in the world, and it is extremely corrosive. The acid has a pH level -31, making it several times stronger than sulfuric acid.

TechRax is skeptical about using the acid which is in crystalline form. He takes 100 gms of Fluoroantimonic acid and pours it on the rear of the matte black iPhone 7, which is resting in a glass dish. The iPhone 7 is in the switched on mode.

After emptying some of the acid on the device's back, he leaves it and came back next morning. Nearly 12 hours later, when TechRax checks on the iPhone 7, the phone still looks recognizable but one can see the effects of the superacid.

The YouTuber adds some more crystals of Fluoroantimonic acid to the iPhone 7's back. He follows it up by adding some drops of hydrogen peroxide. Doing this makes the device turn whiter.

This is followed by sulfuric acid and the iPhone 7 becoming completely submerged in an acid bath!

So What Happens To The iPhone 7?

Surprisingly, the lithium ion battery of the iPhone 7 seems intact and does not react to the tortures it was subjected to.

Did The iPhone 7 Work?

TechRax cleaned the iPhone 7 and was careful not to touch it with his bare hands. He tried to recharge the iPhone 7 and was shocked when he spotted the battery indicator. The phone begins charging and the Apple Logo came on once the handset booted up. The sound also seems to be working fine when tested it!

The video has over 6 million views since it was posted on Nov. 25. Check out the iPhone 7 survive and acid bath in the video below. Remember not to try this at home!

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