Doom players have plenty of things to celebrate after Bethesda released the game's latest update. It introduces several new features that should make gameplay even more interesting and engaging.

The number of changes is wide-ranging but the most significant involves the addition of bots and the new multiplayer game mode.

Doom Bots

Essentially, the Doom bots are the game's AI and they have actually appeared in previous game iterations. With the new patch a bunch of these guys now inhabit the original maps, including the Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes, as multiplayer bots.

The new bots are probably getting reinstated to help players polish their skills or even for the purpose of entertainment. It is worth noting that the bots are highly requested by fans so Bethesda decided to give them another shot in the Doom universe.

As of now, these AI-controlled enemies will only show up in easier game modes. There is no word yet if they will get ported in more difficult maps.

Multiplayer Mode

The new multiplayer mode is called Infernal Run and it is what football must be like in hell or, well, at Doom.

"Teams fight for control of the (eye) ball, which must be carried or thrown into the opponent's goal to score," Bethesda said in an official statement.

It is perversely entertaining and players, for example could get a kick out of holding the ball because it makes an incredibly gross noise.

SnapMap And Other Features

The map creation tool called SnapMap also got several improvements. The patch crammed it with 30 Lazarus Lab-themed modules and props so that players can now play Doom Marine in Praetor Suit. It also now has improved object limits and persistent integer variables that can be passed between missions within a campaign.

This game element seemed to have claimed the most changes and features as depicted in Bethesda patch notes. Other notable changes include the increase in level cap and a double XP event that will continue until Dec. 12.

Bloodfall Update

A paid DLC is also heading to Doom on Dec. 15. It is called Bloodfall, the third and final downloadable content for the title. This patch will unlock three new multiplayer maps and Spectre Pinky, a playable demon that has the ability to turn invisible.

While Bethesda stated that details for this release will be announced in a few days, it already confirmed that it will be available to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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