Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Canada To Discontinue Carrier Connectivity On Dec. 15


If you are still latching on to your Galaxy Note 7 phablet for some unexplained reason and are yet to exchange the device, we suggest you get to it pronto - especially if you're in Canada.

Why? On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Samsung Canada revealed that it will stop network access to all unreturned Galaxy Note 7 devices, rendering them unusable.

So unless you want to hold on to what may become just a piece of metal, we suggest you return the handset quickly. The deadline from Samsung Canada to cut off carrier connectivity for the Galaxy Note 7 in the country is Dec. 15, which gives people a week to spin into action.

"Effective December 15th, 2016, customers still using the Note 7 will no longer be able to connect to any Canadian mobile network services to make calls, use data or send text messages," revealed the company. "We strongly urge any customers still using their Note 7 to return their device to the place of purchase for a refund or exchange between December 7th and December 15th."

Samsung Canada's Plan Of Action

Come Dec. 12, the company will put into place certain "functional limitations" on the Galaxy Note 7. These limitations include the disabling of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as a cap on the battery charge level.

While the handset will switch on, a user will not be able to connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any cellular network. Limiting the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 will cut down the duration the device can be switched on.

Samsung has not mentioned the limit for the battery, but considering the move is reminiscent of the action the company took in New Zealand in November, the battery limit could be reduced to 60 percent.

Who Do The Changes Apply To?

The changes will be applicable only to a handful of Galaxy Note 7 units - 10 percent or 4,000 units to be exact - as Samsung Canada has disclosed that nearly 90 percent of the handsets bought in the country have been exchanged.

The additional measures being introduced by Samsung Canada are in a bid to get the handful holding on to the units to return them.

Samsung has already been constantly communicating to Galaxy Note 7 customers, reminding them to return the handset via a push notification. Since the device is a recalled product, owners are legally debarred from giving away or selling the handset.

Will The Limitation Be Extended To The United States?

It is not clear at this juncture if Samsung will extend the limitation and take the same measures in the U.S. market. Whether a Galaxy Note 7 owner in Canada will be able to avoid the withdrawal of access to a network operator, as well as the functional limitations by bypassing the update is unclear. Perhaps Samsung will just push out the changes to any active Galaxy Note 7 unit to avoid any hiccups.

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