Samsung To Explain Why Galaxy Note 7 Units Exploded Before Year Ends


It seems a bit off that just when everyone seems to have forgotten about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, its maker will reportedly push it back again to our collective consciousness. By the end of the year, Samsung is poised to make an announcement detailing why some Note 7 units have exploded.

The development has been widely reported in South Korean press last Nov. 29. While it is still unconfirmed, inside sources explain that the announcement will involve the result of the investigation that Samsung conducted with South Korean and American product safety officers.

All About The Note 7 Explosions

So far, there are key pronouncements addressing why a number of Note 7 has caught fire. This includes the initial Samsung position that alluded to a defect in the handset's batteries, which were manufactured by Samsung SDI.

After some handsets were recalled and replaced by a battery sourced from a third-party manufacturer, the explosions still persisted. It prompted the company to permanently recall the entire 4.3 million Note 7 units sold in the market.

Bringing back the Note 7 in the Samsung narrative could significantly damage the chances of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, which is rumored to debut in the first quarter of 2017. However, it seems that Samsung is borrowing a page from OnePlus' simplicity playbook here. There is an opportunity to clear any security issue once and for all, so the company is acting on it.

Motivations Behind The Samsung Announcement

At this point, it is hard to find instances when Samsung tried to sugarcoat or hide any detail about the Note 7 or other controversies it was involved in the past. It is safe to say, therefore, that it is merely following a policy of transparency even if it harms its own brand.

Samsung must have also been noting that the consumers' favorable opinion of its handsets remained unchanged due to its swift action and prompt Note 7 recall. Consumers have indicated that they have no qualms of buying a Samsung smartphone again despite the Note 7 incident.

One other notable factor in the Note 7 narrative involves Samsung SDI, which is a Samsung affiliate. It is reportedly struggling these days to maintain its roster of clients because most are now cautious of being associated with SDI's battery technology. If the subsidiary is cleared of any culpability, then its clients will get their reassurance.

Of course, the opposite outcome will be achieved if SDI's battery is indeed the culprit for the Note 7 woes.

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