Apple's MacBook Pro laptop Touch Bar supports various functions and even provides some fun with games such as Pac-Man, Space Fight, Doom and others - you can even play the piano.

The MacBook Pro Touch Bar controversy is still ongoing, with some praising the innovation and others blasting it for its uselessness. Developers, meanwhile, are always on board with new Apple products and tricks and the MacBook Pro is no different.

Large software makers such as Microsoft, Atlassian, Adobe and others have been upgrading their applications to support the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar, while other developers are intrigued and are thinking of more potential applications to make it more fun.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Games And Tricks

An increasing number of developers are starting to experiment with the Touch Bar and allowing MacBook Pro owners to have some fun. For instance, the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar turns out to be an excellent tool for playing Doom, the classic first-person shooter from the 1990s era.

Music lovers can also play the piano on the MacBook Pro, thanks to nifty new app that turns the Touch Bar into a piano keyboard.

For those looking for more games, another developer came up with a Space Fighter app for the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar, enabling users to fly fighter jets and blast enemies.

For those who took comfort playing the Google Chrome dinosaur game when they went offline, there's now an app that lets you play the game on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar even if you're still connected to the internet.

MacBook Pro Pac-Man App

Playing Pac-Man on the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar, however, is worthy of more consideration. The immensely popular Pac-Man is now at your fingertips with a new "Pac-Bar" app, developed by a 15-year-old. Even more impressively, the developer wrote the app entirely in Apple's Swift programming language, which became open-source back in December 2015.

The Touch Bar limitations forced the teen developer to adjust so Pac-Bar can be played only on a single horizontal line, with the arrow keys as controls instead of the Touch Bar itself, but the game's classic graphics and sounds are all there. It may not be equal to the full Pac-Man experience, but it's worth a shot if you're looking for some Touch Bar fun.

"I made the app for fun and to see what the Touch Bar is capable of in terms of running games," Henry Franks, who made the Pac-Bar app, told VentureBeat.

The young developer added that he'd be willing to support the Touch Bar in "more serious apps in the future," as he found it to be "quite versatile."

Other apps for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar are starting to pop up and some of them can be quite entertaining, with more likely to follow as this new trend gains ground. Have you been playing any games on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar? If so, drop by our comments section below and tell us about your experience.

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