If you own the latest 2016 MacBook Pro, then you know that the Touch Bar is more than just pretty addition that decorates the space above its keyboard. It offers nifty functions that can be integrated in the way some applications perform.

There are still few softwares that take full advantage of the Touch Bar but here are some of the best that integrate the feature effectively.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe has already updated its Photoshop software so it now makes use of the Touch Bar to access Layer Properties, Brushes and a list of other tools included in Favorites. In practice, you can tweak brush coloring, size as well as blend modes.


Naturally, Apple's native photo editing software Photos also benefitted immensely from the Touch Bar. The bulk of the developmental life span of the new feature must have been tested with it so you now have a slew of options that based on the technology. For example, you can rotate images by way of a dedicated dial as well as access custom buttons for actions like cropping.

According to CNET, the Touch Bar is more convenient way to make adjustments in comparison to the trackpad.


1Password suddenly becomes more important in the wake of the latest reports about the hacking incident at Yahoo. This app will host and manage your new passwords with its proprietary encryption technology. The Touch Bar just added a Touch ID functionality, which effectively makes the app easier to use.

Media Player

For those missing the keys for play, rewind, and fast-forward, the OLED surface has just replaced them for music apps such as Apple's media player. What is even more awesome is that you can now add a song to the queue or create a playlist from the display strip for this specific software.

Messaging Apps

Apple also programmed the Touch Bar so you can quickly pull emojis whenever you are typing a message. It can also provide suggestions for keywords such as Love and Cheers.


Of course, Doom does not support macOS. But an iOS developer called Adam Bell was able to tweak it so that it runs on the very Touch Bar display itself. Since the OLED screen only has 2,170 x 60 resolution, the graphics is distorted. Nevertheless, there is the fact that it worked along with its audio. While not exactly usable, it still demonstrated the potential for the display strip.

As developers begin making applications related to the Touch Bar technology, there is a great likelihood that it will have its own standalone apps in the very near future as well.

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