Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture has now been finally made available on YouTube, as promised. The story takes place after the events of the original game, and it precedes the forthcoming sequel, Gravity Rush 2, arriving on PlayStation 4 on Jan. 2, 2017.

The animated short is Studio Khara's handiwork, the same folks responsible for the anime series of films Rebuild of Evangelion. Parts one and two of Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture are available to watch on YouTube now.

Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture

The first Gravity Rush title came out on Sony's flagship handheld, the PlayStation Vita, back in 2012, to luminous acclaim, despite the lukewarm commercial success of the system it's on. A PlayStation 4 remastered port was released early this year.

Overture was announced earlier this year as a means to fill the gap between the original title and the forthcoming sequel. The animated short, running close to 20 minutes combined, features the unique dialect heard on Gravity Rush.

Gravity Rush is an open world game lead by Kat, a girl who has seemingly lost her memory. She meets a cat, naming it Dusty. The feline gifts her the ability to manipulate gravity at will, and Kat uses this newly issued power to protect people from the threat of a gravity storm, along with Nevi monsters spawned with it.

Gravity Rush was developed by Project Siren, and was directed by Keiichiro Toyama, creator of survival horror staples Silent Hill and Siren. The idea for Gravity Rush, according to him, was bred 10 years before its eventual release, hailing the work of Jean "Moebius" Giraud as the inspiration behind the game's early concept.

Gravity Rush 2

The sequel to Gravity Rush was slated for a December release until Sony pushed it to January next year, much to the dismay of fans earnestly awaiting the title. Sony is planning to offer a free DLC pack as a n apology, with the expansion slated to add an "additional story" in Gravity Rush's world.

Gravity Rush 2 hits PlayStation 4 Jan. 20, 2017, but impatient folks can preorder the game now, or head on over to the PlayStation Store to play a demo of the game ahead of its release.

Are you excited about Gravity Rush 2? What things do you expect to see in the sequel? Feel free to sound off in the comments section!

Watch Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture below.

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