Charging is inevitable in the age of smartphones. Although features for mobile devices proliferate by the minute, there are lesser advancements when it comes to charging mobile phones.

One to give a shot at scaling things up in the charging department is OnePlus' Dash Charge. This technology promises a day's worth of usage with just 30 minutes of charging time. The developers claim that Dash Charge uses a different methodology compared with other quick charging options available in the market today.

Dash Charge Technology

The technicalities of the OnePlus Dash Charge are more complicated than previously thought. It can charge a device from 0 percent to 60 percent in 30 minutes without the device heating up. So how does it work? Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski explained the system in the video produced by OnePlus.

Unlike tyrannical lecturers everyone has had the fate of meeting during their time in school, Ratajkowski took a different approach. With her sultry face and pleasing voice, tech lovers easily grasped what the idea is all about.

The typical technical, and most of the time, boring specifications video was turned upside down by OnePlus by engaging the attractive model who claims to be a tech fan in creating the educational clip. No wonder, it has been viewed more than 55,000 times on YouTube as of this writing.

Fast Charging vs. Dash Charge

Ratajkowski explained that the fast charging technology amplifies the voltage to charge devices quickly. Though it works, it creates heat that may lead to potentially hazardous scenarios like explosions.

Dash Charge produces a larger electric current that can power devices up to 60 percent in 30 minutes – even when a person is using the phone. It's actually a case of amperage vs. voltage: Dash Charge uses increased amperage that safely charges devices.

We reported in November that a OnePlus 3T with Dash Charge capability needed about 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully charge a battery compared with two hours' charging time for Google Pixel. Earlier in August, the new charging technology already put to shame Samsung's adaptive fast charging technique in a video.

To produce higher electric current or amperage, the Dash Charge cable is designed 300 percent thicker than the average. The system also revamps the charging process.

"The adaptor itself converts the power to the battery's voltage, the power then travels down to the cable ready to be transferred directly into the battery," said Ratajkowski.

However, it looks like there's more to learn about the system than what Ratajkowski explained. According to a report, OnePlus Dash Charge will take another 40 minutes to fill up the remaining 40 percent of the battery. This is because the charger will reduce amperage once the level has reached 60 percent. Not bad, though, for a charger that promises more than half the battery life for only 30 minutes without the threat of overheating.

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