Samsung is apparently very confident its Galaxy S8 will be a big hit and it reportedly set the shipping target to 60 million units.

That's quite a whopping amount and it's higher than for any Galaxy flagships so far, which indicates that Samsung is planning something huge for the Galaxy S8 release.

Considering what the company went through with the Galaxy Note 7, recalling the product twice and damaging both its finances and its reputation in the process, it makes sense to plan a top-notch Galaxy S8 flagship to make up for it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Shipment Target Higher Than Ever

A new report out of South Korea now cites industry sources claiming that Samsung set the bar high for its upcoming flagship, expecting it to be a whopping success. The company apparently asked its component suppliers to provide parts based on a 60 million unit shipment target, gearing up for the Galaxy S8 release in a few months.

At the same time, Samsung reportedly confirmed to its suppliers that it did indeed push back the Galaxy S8 release, delaying it from March to mid-April. This also echoes last week's reports that Samsung plans to start mass production in March, ahead of a Galaxy S8 release in April. The report from last week also said that Samsung planned to build 10 million units for launch, but that doesn't contradict the new report. Samsung could roll out additional units in batches, increasing stock after release.

If the latest report out of Korea turns out to be accurate, it means that Samsung believes its Galaxy S8 will be more successful than any of its previous flagships so far. The purported 60 million unit shipment target is substantially higher compared to previous years and iterations, as Samsung shipped 45 million Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 units and 48 million Galaxy S7 units.

The report further details that Samsung will start mass-producing the Galaxy S8 in March and release 5 million units of the new flagship each month until it reaches the 60 million unit target.

However, considering how fiercely competitive the smartphone market already is, as well as the fact that the premium segment is becoming increasingly saturated, it remains to be seen whether Samsung will pull it off and manage to sell 60 million Galaxy S8 units.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumored Specs

Based on leaks and reports so far, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive as a real powerhouse with impressive specs and features all around. The next-generation flagship is expected to be the first smartphone to boast the latest Bluetooth 5 with quadruple range and double speed, and among the first handsets to pack the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

The Galaxy S8 is further expected to ditch the home button and sport a sleek design with virtually no side bezels, as seen in recently leaked images. The smartphone could also feature up to 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of native storage. If the Galaxy S8 is indeed launching with all the bells and whistles, it just might hit the shipment target and become Samsung's most successful device yet.

Samsung has yet to confirm any of these specs or make an official announcement regarding Galaxy S8 release plans however, so it's highly recommended to take all leaks with a grain of salt for now. As always, we'll keep you up to date as soon as more information hits the surface.

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