Google Assistant Could Soon Allow Users To Make Payments Through Voice Commands


A string of code found in the latest beta version of the Google App hints that Google Assistant will become even more useful in the future by allowing users to make payments through voice commands.

The integration with Google's wide range of services and the expanding availability of third-party APIs has contributed to making Google Assistant a successful piece of software, and the future addition of a feature to make payments will only add to its appeal.

Beta Google App Code For Google Assistant Payments

The code in Google App beta version 6.11.13 that hinted at an upcoming payments feature for the Google Assistant was found by XDA Developers.

In a teardown of the latest beta version of the Google App, several strings of code were found that refer to payments settings for the Google Assistant. These strings include payment information such as the user's address and phone number, with one of the strings seemingly to allow users to choose the credit card that they would like to link to the feature. There are also lines for different billing and shipping addresses, and it also appears that users will be able to specify their devices linked to Google Assistant that will be able to participate in the payments feature to prevent any accidental purchases.

"You'll soon be able to pay for things," one of the lines of code reads, hinting that the service will not be available very soon. The payments feature, however, will likely arrive sooner than later, if Google would be adding such a line to the app.

According to XDA Developers, there is also evidence that the feature is at least partially implemented in the APK file of the beta app due to several references to layout files for a payments interface. There is the possibility that the payments feature is baked into the app, but Google is still currently making progress on the back end to prepare the service for its launch to all Google Assistant users.

Payments Made Through Google Assistant

Google Assistant currently does support payments but through service apps. The upcoming feature will expand payment support for transactions made through online shopping similar to what is offered by Amazon's Alexa, which will be a welcome addition for users.

The payments function for Google Assistant is highly requested by users, so while the feature is not yet available, it will surely be coming soon, as it would allow the digital assistant to better compete with rivals such as Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana, and Amazon's Alexa.

There is no official word on when the feature will be coming to the Google Assistant, though.

Other Google Assistant News

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