Google+ has rolled out its new set of updates. It is an initiative toward improving the social networking site.

In the coming weeks, Google+ will be releasing updates based on the feedback that has been collected from users.

Even though the pace at which Google+ introduces new features is quite slow, it has not disappointed its users. The social networking platform is now getting ready to attract more users in the next couple of weeks.

A few days ago, Google+ Product Manager Danielle Buckley announced that the company will be releasing "much requested" updates. These shall be available for web versions of the social networking site, alongside its Android and iOS apps.

"We're pleased to add three new much requested updates, rolling out over the next couple of weeks, to Google+," she shared on Google's official blog.

Updates: 3 Features

The first update moderates the comments section and changes how the comments appear. The update will hide the low-quality comments by default and prioritizes the relevant comments for users to view.

In a social platform like this, engaging users happens to be one of the primary concerns. Google+ is working toward involving more people to engage in conversations, thereby initiating a step toward instilling the habit of making comments that have value.

For those who would like to see all of the comments on a post, they can choose the "View more comments" option.

Google+ has also been adjusted to maximize screen size, and it now shows "less white space and more posts." Google+ also lets users get a closer and clearer view of photos on the web version of the platform via the new zoom functionality.

The final update lined up is the return of Events to the social network. This feature will let users create events on Google+. They can also join events that have been created by other people. 


The update is scheduled for release on Jan. 24. This also happens to be the same date when the classic version of Google+ web will finally shut down. Google+ also announced that for now, the Events feature will not be available to G Suite users.

Google+ has traversed a journey from being a fundamental social networking site to a content creation platform. It has been experimenting ever since 2015 and has incorporated several features to improve and enhance the networking experience for users.

By incorporating these new features, Google expects to draw the attention of Android and iOS users looking to take advantage of its social networking platform.

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