We recently brought you a breakdown of the latest rumors and possibilities regarding the details of one of the most highly anticipated new devices of 2017, the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Now a new report offers its take on what will be the most likely specs, features, and release date for the latest Surface Pro.

Upgraded Touch Screen Panel And Possible 4K Resolution

Everyone is expecting big things from Microsoft's Surface Pro 5, especially since the company chose to skip an upgrade of the device in 2016. One big improvement in the cards is an upgraded touch screen panel, which is expected to operate more fluidly and accurately with both hands and the Surface Pen. There's also a chance that Microsoft will bump up the device's resolution with a 4K screen.

USB Type-C Ports Likely

The report also anticipates Microsoft will make the rumored jump to USB Type-C ports this time around, even though Apple has been roundly criticized for making the same move recently with its 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro. Microsoft could equivocate and still include one USB 3.0 port to help bridge users jump to the newer technology

Kaby Lake Chipset To Improve Battery Life And Take On Apple's MacBooks

The report claims that Microsoft is most likely to go with the Kaby Lake, pointing to increasing availability of the chips, along with the speed and graphics improvements they would provide.

Perhaps more importantly, the Kaby Lake chips would help the Surface Pro to overcome what has heretofore been considered one of its greatest weaknesses, battery life. In addition, Microsoft would be packing in the latest Intel technology versus Apple's current MacBook Pro models, which run on Intel's earlier generation chips.

Improved Rechargeable Surface Pen With Wireless Charging

The report also agrees with our expectation that, based on the news a year ago that Microsoft applied for a patent, the Surface Pen will ultimately be not only more fluid, but also rechargeable wirelessly. Whether that new technology is definitely ready for the Surface Pro 5 release is still unclear, however.

Spring Release Date

The report hypothesizes that spring 2017 would be the best and most likely time for Microsoft to announce the new Surface Pro 5. The reasoning offered is that it would correspond with the release of the new Windows 10 Creators Update, as well as provide a balanced release schedule for expected fall Surface Book updates.

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