Most people looking to buy a laptop have a Windows laptop or MacBook in mind, and that's easy to understand. However, the Chromebook's growth in recent years has proven it can play in the big leagues.

Just last year, the Chromebook outsold MacBooks in the first quarter. That's no easy feat for a minimalist laptop. From humble beginnings, the Chromebook has since evolved from low cost, simple browsing laptops to reliable machines that many can trust.

The premise for the original Chromebook is simple. It was designed for basic web browsing with a Windows style interface for familiar usage. The only difference is that it runs on the Google Chrome browser and Chrome based apps.

However, recent developments on the Chromebook have allowed users to install Android apps on certain versions of the device. Further, Google announced in January that apart from being able to download Android apps on the Chromebook, all Chromebooks to be released starting 2017 will support Android apps.

You may still be shaking your head on the Chromebook, so here are some things you might want to consider.


If there's one thing that did not change, it is the Chromebook's affordability. The Chromebook can be bought at $500 for the most premium versions of the device, but you can get a Chromebook for as low as $200. This is probably the very reason why so many are taking a chance on the Chromebook, especially for students who simply need a laptop for basic browsing and sharing.

Simple To Use

Without a complicated OS, the Chromebook is extremely easy to use. Its user interface is familiar to most and easy to understand even for beginners. So if you only need the laptop for basic browsing and e-mailing, you may want to consider the Chromebook.

Always Up To Date

If you've used other laptops before, you're probably familiar with software updates that take a long time and the constant reboots that come along with them. Well, with the Chromebook you won't have that problem. While the OS still has consistent updates, it can do so without interrupting your work as it is capable of updating the system in the background. That way, you'll always have an updated software without being interrupted.

No More Viruses

If there's anything that can ruin a laptop, it's pesky viruses. Well, you won't have that problem with the Chromebook because its Linux foundation is not susceptible to Windows viruses. In other words, the Chromebook is immune thanks to its multiple security layers. As such, you won't have to purchase anti-malware software just to keep your laptop safe.

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