Recent reports have suggested that Apple's next flagship smartphone may already in development.

Now, John Donovon and Steve Mullane of BlueFin Research Partners have shared that it is evident that Apple is gearing up for an earlier production run of their next device, which could be the iPhone 8.

The researchers suggest that Apple would ramp up production for the iPhone 8 in June, which is a lot earlier than the cycle that the company usually follows.

"The most intriguing data points that we have uncovered suggests that AAPL is ramping the next generation iPhones earlier than historical norms," stated the researchers.

However, the researchers caution, that the early production cycle does not imply that the smartphone would be launched early. This is only because Apple is maximizing production as it expects greater sales.

"Interestingly, our present reads suggest a 300% increase in iPhone 8/X builds in the June quarter, now sitting at 9M," asserted the researchers.

Speculations are rife that the early production cycle will enable the company to ensure there are no loopholes in the device.

The researchers did not cite any source to support their suppositions.

iPhone 8 Rumored Specs

As is the case with most upcoming devices, there have been a slew of rumors and speculations regarding the iPhone 8's features and specs.

According to a recent report, the iPhone 8, which is the successor of the iPhone 7, may feature a new module for the dual camera, whereas the home button may be ditched for good.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook, recently hinted during the company's earnings call that Siri would be updated as well. He specifically stated that the new Siri would allow users to automate their homes as he himself does. Cook was also extremely enthusiastic and confident about the company's flagship phone for 2017. He shared that he believed that the upcoming smartphone would accelerate Apple's growth once again.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to house an iris scanner and the fingerprint sensor could be embedded in the device's screen.

Release Date

A date has not been released for the launch of the device but it is likely that it would launch in the later part of 2017. If the assertions from BlueFin Research are accurate, then Apple is just ramping up production for the phone in June, because of ever increasing demand of its devices.

The company's belief that the device would be a success is evident from the alleged increased production.

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