Google added a neat and useful new feature with the latest Google Maps update, now allowing users to create shareable lists.

It may not seem like a major feature at first, but the more you think of it, the more it makes sense and you come to wonder why Google hasn't offered this option so far.

Shareable Google Maps lists make the whole experience more social and even more useful, as you can now share important locations with others and keep track of them more easily.

How To Create And Share Lists In Google Maps

To get started with the new lists in Google Maps, just open the app and search for a location. Once you find it, tap on the name of the place and tap the "Save" icon, which will allow you to add the place to one of several pre-set lists such as "Favorites," "Want to Go" or others. You can create your own lists as well and add locations relevant to that list.

To recall the Google Maps lists you've created, just head over to Your Places in the app's side menu and open the saved tab. The icons for the saved places will pop up on the map, creating a visual representation of the places on your list.

Google also made it easy to share lists in Google Maps, allowing users to send their lists via text, email, messaging apps, and social networks.

Why Use Shareable Lists In Google Maps

The ability to create and share lists in Google Maps can be quite useful in a number of cases. For instance, if you have friends coming into town and you're planning an itinerary with interesting places to visit, Google Maps lists can make everything easier and better organized.

Friends and family who visit from out of town can tap "Follow" when they get your shareable list link and pull up the list from Your Places when they need it.

Similarly, if you're planning to visit another city of country, you can do your homework beforehand and search for the places you'd like to visit, add them to a list and have them ready for your trip. It could save time and hassle and allows travelers to be better prepared. Moreover, sharing lists with others also lets them know where you plan to be, which could come in handy in case of an emergency.

The lists are viewable on both desktop and mobile, as well as offline. To get the most of this feature, it's recommended to download offline maps of the area you plan to visit so that all places on a list are shown on the map itself.

Google Maps previously allowed users to save places, but the locations were simply added together on the same list and it often got tough to browse if you had a lot of places saved. The update makes it easy to build lists of locations by a specific event, trip, person, or purpose so it's easier to find the places you're looking for.

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