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Here's How Memoji In iOS 12 Works

Apple introduced 'Animojis' for its Messages app last year, but with iOS 12, users will be able to create characters based on their appearance. The 'Memojis' feature allows users to customize their own avatar.

Apple June 18, 2018

Reversible Emoji Could Hit iOS Next Year Along With Redheads, Superheroes, And More

The latest guidelines from the Unicode Consortium feature reversible emoji, which could make their way to devices next year. Other notable candidates include superheroes, redheads, supervillains, puppy-eyed faces, and more.

Internet December 6, 2017

EatMessage Is The Emoji Food Fight Game For iMessage Starring Your Selfie

A new game called ‘EatMessage’ launched in the iMessage App Store that uses augmented reality to have the player’s selfie dodging and eating emojis.

Apps/Software February 16, 2017

There Are Finally Interracial Couple Emojis Thanks to The 'Love-Moji' App

Love-Moji brings ways to express interracial heterosexual and same-sex relationships via emojis to iOS and social media users.

Life & Style October 5, 2016

Here Are All The New Emojis Released For iOS 10: Rainbow Flag, Genders, Sports And More

Some of the new emojis released with the launch of iOS 10 include the fist bump and rainbow flag, along with more options to promote gender equality and diversity.

Apps/Software September 14, 2016

This Mom-Created Emoji App Lets Women Express What Motherhood Is Really Like

EmojiMom is the emoji keyboard app for iOS that allows women to better express to their friends and family what pregnancy and motherhood is really like.

Life & Style August 8, 2016

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