The rollout of the Nvidia Shield TV software update and the new features it shipped with are not the only reasons why owners of the Android TV box must be feeling loved this February.

The reason is that Nvidia also announced a four-day sale, which includes big game titles getting as much as 70 percent discount.

Discounted Games

As of this writing, there are eight confirmed titles being sold at reduced prices. These include Shadow Warrior 2 and Space Hulk, which get 25 and 30 percent discounts, respectively. This means that Shadow Warrior 2 will only set you back $26.24 as its retail price is about $35. Space Hulk's sale price, on the other hand, will hover at around $8.49.

Three big games also saw their prices halved: Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Evoland. After the discount, the first two games can be purchased for $7.49 while Evoland will be available for a measly $2.49. The Android game Alto's Adventure will also get sold at 50 percent off.

If you have been eyeing ABZU and Homefront: The Revolution for a while, now should be the best time to buy these titles. This weekend, they are being sold 70 percent off their normal prices: $4.99 and $8.99, respectively.

Where To Buy

As has been previously cited, the Nvidia Shield just got a software update and it now sports a modified interface. If you would like to avail of the discounted games, you will have to navigate to the Nvidia Games section, where they are listed ready for download.

Android-compatible titles such as Alto's Adventure, Evoland, and Space Hulk can also be downloaded from the Play Store, which can easily be accessed on any Android TV device.

Before you make any purchase, please remember to check the games' compatibility. Some titles might not work on your Nvidia device. One should note that the sale involves different hardware, namely the 2017 Nvidia Shield TV, 2015 Shield TV, Shield Tablet, Shield Tablet K1, and Shield Portable.

Particularly, new owners of the latest-generation Shield TV should take this as an excellent opportunity to put the all-new gaming controller through its paces. Save for the smaller footprint of the top box, the accessory is the biggest hardware update in the kit.

Certainly, owners of the original Shield TV can also purchase the new controller. According to Nvidia, it will also work with the older device as long as Shield Experience 5.0.2 has been installed.

The winter sale will run only until Feb. 19.

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