Samsung is reportedly working on its Galaxy Note series once more and will launch the Galaxy Note 8 if rumors are to be believed.

Even as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ gear up to launch on March 29, the latest buzz suggests that Samsung is beefing up its smartphone line with the Galaxy Note 7's successor.

The Galaxy Note 8, which is supposedly the comeback version of the Galaxy Note 7, has been codenamed "Great" based on latest reports.

The Codename And Model Number

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to carry the SM-N950F model number for the international unlocked variant, according to news shared by SamMobile. The letter at the end of the number will change according to the market.

However, to ensure a smooth rollout of software updates, Samsung may not be using too many model numbers, as it did with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones.

Previous reports suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 may feature the "Baikal" codename. However, based on current reports, the codename may have been changed to "Great."

If the codename is any indication of the product which is to come, the Galaxy Note 8 may indeed sport exciting features which would certainly entice fans to keep an eye out for any news regarding the device.

The Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco

Samsung may be working to revamp the Galaxy Note 7 for the South Korean market, and the device is expected to have the model number SM-N935, with the codename Grace R (Refurbished), according to SamMobile.

Going back to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the device had a questionable reputation as several users complained of battery explosion or spontaneous combustion while charging. Due to these dangerous technical issues, Samsung had to issue a global recall for the device.

With around 92 cases of fire being reported in the United States alone, and a lawsuit filed by Daniel Ramirez against the company since the device explosion caused him severe burns, Samsung faced major problems after the safety hazard came to light.

Reports about the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion were recorded every now and then. The company faced a major loss due to the recall of its Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 event at the Mobile World Congress was also interrupted by a Greenpeace protestor who demanded that the company recycle the unused parts from the recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices in its new products.

However, with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is looking back to gain the lost trust due to the Note 7 fiasco.

For now, fans can rejoice about the fact that the South Korean company is working on the Galaxy Note 7's successor, which may possess state-of-the-art specs and features upon its launch.

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