Competitive workplace environments push us to challenge ourselves and strive to become better at what we're doing.

A rewarding career is built on hard work and sacrifice, but a little bit of luck may also play its part in qualifying for a promotion since you first need to be noticed and adequately appraised.

Winning the boss' favor and distinguishing among coworkers as a valuable team member sometimes lead us to pursue every bit of advice that could help increase productivity.

One such example is the recent research linking a happy sex life to better job performance.

These findings, published in the Journal of Management, suggest that finding joy in your relationship may also translate into the office. According to the study, a fulfilling love life can make you more productive, enabling you to better engage in work tasks and find satisfaction in your job.

Apart from maintaining harmony at home, here are 10 other tips you may consider.

Bringing Your 'A' Game To The Workplace

1. Always come up with fresh ideas
One sure way to impress your boss and get fast-tracked to a promotion is to keep the creativity rolling. Never be afraid to think outside the box and find new ways of solving problems by exploring a different approach.

2. Learn from your superiors
Take time to discover your boss' style and adapt to his or her vision so you can better meet their demands. Finding a mentor in your supervisor will give you substantial insight into the job's fundamentals and add to your experience.

3. Eat smart
Studies show that our food choices have a great impact on how we perform. Make your body work in your favor by adapting your diet to include brain foods that enhance your cerebral power and improve productivity.

4. Sharpen your concentration
To stay on top of your game, do what you can to boost your attention, increase your memory, lift your mental acuity, and enhance your analytical thinking.

5. Get organized
Start by clearing up your workspace — sometimes clutter inhibits the flow of ideas — then learn to manage your workload by prioritizing urgent items and dealing quickly with short requests. Don't let yourself get distracted, and schedule enough time to complete tasks that require concentration.

6. Observe your competition
Take stock of what your competitors are doing, analyze both their successes and failures, and grab every learning opportunity to become innovative.

7. Come prepared
Whatever task you undertake, always do plenty of research before handing in a project or pitching an idea. Organize your assignments, keep track of your goals, and stay ahead of daily tasks by arriving a little earlier to work.

8. Focus on listening
Try to understand exactly what is needed or expected of you. Make sure to complete tasks correctly but also to complete the correct tasks. Avoid having to redo your work by paying attention to your assignments, and ask questions up front instead of just assuming what you have to do.

9. Cultivate professional relationships
Getting along well with your colleagues increases job confidence and helps you do better at your job. This means not only learning to collaborate with your immediate coworkers but also expanding your circle to people employed in other sectors who may have a valuable input on the firms' objectives. According to Prof. Stuart Diamond of Wharton Business School, "building your own coalition" is highly beneficial. In his book, Getting More: How To Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World, he recommends making allies among employees with more — or a different — work experience.

10. Keep working on your strengths and abilities
Never stop polishing your professional skills and capabilities by taking classes, reading books, earning certifications, and keeping up with the latest developments in your field.

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