NES Classic Edition Discontinued, Last Shipments This Month: Are You Serious, Nintendo?


Nintendo has decided to discontinue the NES Classic Edition, with the last shipments of the device to North America to happen this month.

The news comes as a shocking announcement, as there is still massive demand for the hard-to-track retro console.

Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition

In a statement, a representative for Nintendo said that the last shipments of the NES Classic Edition to territories within North America will be sent out this month, adding that the company is apologizing for the difficulty that customers have to go through to be able to obtain one of the devices.

"We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product," the representative said.

Another representative revealed that Nintendo never intended the NES Classic Edition to be a long-term product. However, due to the massive demand for the retro console, the company decided to send out extra shipments of the device.

Nintendo will no longer produce NES Classic Edition units for the North American market, with the NES Classic Controller also to be discontinued. Third-party accessory makers will each have to decide whether or not to continue manufacturing their products for the NES Classic Edition.

Nintendo, however, did not confirm on whether the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition only covers North America or if it is a worldwide end of production. The company added that it had no further announcements regarding the Nintendo Classics brand, with no figures to be shared for the lifetime sales of the NES Classic Edition.

Why Did Nintendo End NES Classic Edition Production?

Since the NES Classic Edition was launched in November of last year, gamers have been frustrated with the massive supply shortage for the retro console. Stocks of the device in some retail locations were sold out within minutes, and customers who were able to grab the $60 retro console turned to eBay to try to flip the NES Classic Edition for as high as $999.

The supply of the NES Classic Edition never recovered, prompting Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima to apologize back in February for the company's underestimating of the demand for the retro console.

The apology, however, was followed by rumors that the NES Classic Edition was nearing the end of its life, with the last shipment to Nordic countries to arrive in April or May.

The rumor is now known to be true and, combined with the announcement that the last shipment to North America will be sent out this month, seemingly confirms that the discontinuation of the NES Classic Edition will be worldwide.

The big question on the minds of gamers, especially those who have not yet gotten the chance to buy the retro console, is why would Nintendo discontinue what has been one of the most successful products that it has ever released.

Even more frustrating than the supply shortage, however, is the fact that Nintendo does not give any good explanation for ending NES Classic Edition production. There is no official reason for discontinuing a very popular product, which is unheard of in any industry.

Customers are outraged with Nintendo's lack of explanation on its decision. If you are still hoping to grab one of the devices, you should now double your efforts, as your next chance might be your last.

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