YouTuber Trevor Phillips posted this video of a British grandmother who found a constructive outlet for her tax rage.

Little old ladies who play video games are always entertaining, but this one — whose name we don't know, nor anything about her — is hardcore. Not only does she play, she plays like a boss. And it looks like her favorite game is Grand Theft Auto V.

British Gas, as it happens, hiked its prices about a year ago by 20%. Understandably, it wasn't a popular decision among our English friends across the pond. There was huge public outcry when the decision was announced; some people complained online, others called their government representatives, etc. But when dear old Granny here found out the news, she did what any good gamer would do.

She fired up Grand Theft Auto V and took out her anger on every NPC that crossed her path. After beating up random pedestrians, she commandeered a helicopter and went hunting for an oil refinery. And it just got better from there.

Her running commentary is the best part, even though it's somewhat NSFW. This video is from the last-gen launch of the game in 2013, but now that GTA is on next-gen consoles, we decided to put her in the spotlight again. 

Man, I wish I had a grandmother who could play video games.

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