The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise is more than just your run-of-the-mill game, and the loyal players know it. Now a group has uncovered a long standing mystery in the GTA Online world as they have found a secret alien mission after weeks of hard work. Is this the end of the mystery, or is this just the beginning?

Secret Alien Mission

The Gunrunning update weeks ago gave players of GTA Online new weapons, vehicles, and even bunkers to explore and utilize. However, it also seemed to be harbouring secret codes and files that implied a UFO crash just outside the Zancudo military base.

Naturally, GTA Online players were excited at the prospect of finally uncovering the three-year-old mystery surrounding an alien egg. Members of the group TeamGuru immediately stepped in and got to work and successfully activated what seems to be a secret alien mission in the works.

Players are sent on a mission to steal supplies where they will encounter the crashed alien spaceship. Though players are unable to get inside the ship, they can get an alien egg. This is when the aliens actually start to arrive, as they will put up a fight once you grab an egg.

Players then have to fight the aliens off, although it's not much of a fight as they can actually be subdued quite easily.

Mystery Solved?

Some long-time players of the game were quite disappointed and unimpressed with the reveal, seeing as the three-year mystery led to a short alien encounter that wasn't quite as difficult to handle, nor as mysterious as they hoped.

This begged the question of whether the short snippet of alien encounter in the game was the end of a long-standing mystery or whether this reveal was merely the beginning. For others, watching the experience of something that they waited years for only to end in a short encounter was underwhelming and disappointing. The rest, however, are hoping that this is just the beginning because it opened up a whole new set of mysteries to uncover.

Of course, it's very possible that this experience was just a part of a larger mission that Rockstar will release in the near future, and fans are actually hoping for it if not expecting it. But as of now, Rockstar remains silent about whether TeamGuru's find was an early activation of something they're still working on or if it really is the end of that mystery.

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