The arrival of Spotify for Xbox One quickly moved from being a rumor to a confirmed fact over the weekend, and we now have our first look at what the music streaming service will look like on the console.

The music streaming service will finally launch soon on the Xbox One, two years after Spotify was released for the PlayStation 4.

Spotify On Xbox One: Screenshots And More Details

Aside from the uploaded screenshots of Spotify for Xbox One being tested, details on the music streaming app have been scarce — until now.

Microsoft has now launched the official product page of Spotify Music for Xbox on the Microsoft Store, describing the free app as a method for users to listen to their favorite music while they play any game on the Xbox One.

Playing all tracks on the app is free, and for those with Spotify Premium subscriptions, there will be no advertisements to interrupt the high-quality music. Users can also access curated gaming playlists, customized for various games and moods. The approximate download size of the app is revealed to be between 1.07 MB and 1.67 MB.

Windows Central's Jez Corden acquired more screenshots and details for Spotify on the Xbox One, as he was able to take a look at the app running on the Xbox One himself.

There were speculations that the music streaming app could be a Universal Windows Platform app that will be released to all Windows 10 devices, but according to Corden, Spotify Music for Xbox is simply an HTML-based app that is designed for TVs. The app is similar to the versions of Spotify for Android TV and other similar services.

Spotify for Xbox One is a pretty simple iteration of the music streaming service, but it is functional, which makes it better than having no Spotify on the console at all. Users can search for music through the app, launch playback from their libraries, queue up playlists, and so on. Users can also control the Spotify app on the console through the iOS and Android mobile app of the music streaming service.

Notably missing in the Xbox One app compared to other Spotify versions is the ability to download music for offline playback, music videos, and full-screen visuals.

More To Come For Xbox One

There is no definite launch date yet for Spotify on the Xbox One, but with tests of the app popping up and its official product page already created, gamers should not have to wait long before the music streaming service is finally released on the console.

The arrival of Spotify could come around the same time as the launch of preorders for the Xbox One X, described as "the world's most powerful console." Unveiled at this year's E3, the $499 console features much more raw power compared to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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