T-Mobile Unlimited Data Throttling Cap To Increase From 32 GB to 50 GB: Is That Good Enough?

T-Mobile, which dominated the latest State of Mobile Networks report by OpenSignal, is looking to further widen its lead over rival carriers by increasing the throttling cap for its unlimited data plan.

OpenSignal's report claimed that the decision of Verizon and AT&T to launch their own unlimited data plans in response to the T-Mobile One caused the networks of the two carriers to slow down. Now, the Un-Carrier is making T-Mobile One even better.

T-Mobile One Throttling Cap To Increase To 50 GB

The T-Mobile One, as with all the other unlimited data plans in the market, placed a cap on the data that subscribers use in a month. Once subscribers reach that cap, they will still be able to access data, but throttled, or reduced to a slower speed, to prioritize other users who have not yet reached their limit.

The move by T-Mobile to increase its throttling cap, or its Fair Usage Threshold as the Un-Carrier calls it, started out as a rumor, based on an image of a document that was acquired by Android Central. The document clearly showed that T-Mobile was planning to increase its Fair Usage Threshold to 50 GB starting Sept. 20, from the previous cap of 32 GB.

T-Mobile later confirmed that the throttling cap increase was coming through a tweet by T-Mobile Help.

50 GB T-Mobile Throttling Cap: Is It Enough?

From 23 GB, to 30 GB, and then to 32 GB earlier this year, the T-Mobile One throttling cap will soon be double the amount from where it started, showing that the Un-Carrier is very much capable of handling the extra load. The question, however, is whether that amount of data is enough for most subscribers.

50 GB, even for heavy users, is a lot of data, and barring any massive downloads made on the subscribers' smartphone, should be enough to last for an entire month.

The decision to increase the unlimited data plan's throttling cap comes about a week after the carrier announced that all T-Mobile One unlimited family plan subscribers would be granted free Netflix subscriptions. Having access to Netflix would mean that users would need more data, and T-Mobile has provided just that.

In comparison, the throttling cap of the unlimited data plans of Verizon and AT&T are at 22 GB, while that of Sprint is slightly higher at 23 GB. T-Mobile will very soon offer more than double that capacity to its subscribers, which should attract its legacy customers to switch to T-Mobile One and for customers of other carriers to switch to the Un-Carrier.

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