Your Sony Smart TV Now Has Google Assistant: What Can You Do With It?


Sony smart TV owners, take note: Google Assistant has finally arrived on models running Android TV, bringing a couple of nifty voice-based functions to make TV viewing better and more efficient.

List Of Sony Smart TVs Getting Google Assistant

Below is a list of models eligible to receive the Google Assistant update:

• 2016 XBR-Z9D

• 2016 XBR-X800D

• 2016 XBR-X750/X700D

Sony 4K Android TVs released in 2017

Check out Sony's official website to view all its Android TV models.

What You Can Do Using Google Assistant On Sony Android TVs

Sony is one of the few manufacturers who has adapted Android TV as its built-in TV operating system and has actually been doing this for quite some time now. With Google Assistant, users can now better integrate voice control into apps such as Netflix and YouTube. They'll be able to play back content or request to stream a specific show or film.

Ask it to "Play Master of None" or "Play Stranger Things" and it will search for those titles and play them accordingly. For YouTube, Sony says users will be able to "seamlessly" search for new, popular, and highly rated content by "simply asking" the assistant and using voice commands to pick a video.

"With so much great content available, the Google Assistant makes it easy to find the perfect show or movie by providing a natural voice interface," said Sony in a press release.

In addition to video playback voice commands, users can also ask for directions, check the weather, and even control a connected thermostat or dim the lights.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now rolling out to every Android TV from Sony. It marks the continuous but slow arrival of Google's voice assistant on TV sets, exemplified by its launch on the Nvidia Shield TV in September. Sony is the second and latest company to receive Google Assistant.

"This software update is available [Nov. 7] for those that already own, or plan to buy, a supported Sony 4K HDR television with Android TV — bringing new innovative technologies to our customers," said Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics president and COO.

Google Assistant on Sony TVs, however, will not have always-listening capabilities similar to the Nvidia Shield TV, which allows users to say "OK Google" at all times to start voice command functions. On Sony Android TVs, users can access the feature by clicking the microphone button on the remote.

Do you have a Sony-branded smart TV and is it running Android TV? Have you tried using its Google Assistant features yet? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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