The iPhone X battery life might not last as long as owners of the $999 smartphone would hope, but fortunately, there is a trick that can extend it for days.

The method is easy to do, but it gives the iPhone X a sort of retro look, which might be ugly for some but actually awesome for others.

The Grayscale iPhone X

The trick to extend the iPhone X battery life beyond its usual one-day capacity is to bring a grayscale look to its OLED display.

The first step is to go into the smartphone's Settings app, and then look for the Accessibility option under General menu. There will be a Display Accommodations option, which will then bring up Color Filters. Activate that and choose the Grayscale option.

The screen becomes grayscale, but users can make it look better by choosing the Invert Colors option that is also under the Display Accommodations menu. After selecting that, toggle the Classic Invert option.

The last step to making the iPhone X battery last longer is to go back to the Settings app and scroll down to tap on the Battery option. There will be a Low Power Mode option that should then be activated.

An optional step is to use an all-white wallpaper on the iPhone X, which will then become all-black due to the colors being inverted.

Apple Insider's Neil Hughes tweeted an image of what the iPhone X would look like after those changes:

After following these steps, the iPhone X should last for at least two days on a full charge with normal usage, and maybe even three days.

How Does This Help Make The iPhone X Battery Last Longer?

For those who want an explanation on why the above method works in extending the iPhone X battery life, read on.

When the iPhone X OLED screen displays black pixels, the power consumed is far less than if it was displaying other colors. This is because the pixels are lighted individually, unlike LCD screens that came with a uniform backlight.

Apple Insider has done limited testing on the above method to see if it actually works, and the results have been positive.

However, it noted that it is actually the color green that consumes the least battery life, and suggested that a retro "greenscale" mode similar to what old Apple computers looked like would extend the iPhone X battery life even longer, if Apple will release such an option.

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