Draw Designs On Your Lattes With This Awesome Pen For Food


Having trouble nailing those holiday Pinterest recipes? Then we have the perfect product for you.

Foodies can now draw designs on homemade lattes by using this awesome pen that lets you draw on food. The CiniBird spice pen lets you doodle on dishes, crafting cool designs that will impress all of your Instagram followers.

"CiniBird is the first and only kitchen gadget to make creative messages and drawings with all-natural materials found in food," the video for the product says.

To use the pen, simply add ground materials like cinnamon, cocoa powder, red beet, paprika, pepper, parsely or sugar and press the button to get decorating. Because the "ink" is made from natural materials, the doodles on your food and drink are safe to consume.

Giving you an excuse to play with your food, the pen allows you to create latte art by drawing on the foam and adds "extra spice" to dishes with designs.

Fill the pen with colored sugar for cookie designs so that you can nail that holiday dessert. Who knew being a food artist could be a piece of cake?

The CiniBird rose to popularity thanks to its successful KickStarter campaign started by Balazs Oltvai. It surpassed its $5,000 goal, and has currently raised over $10,000 with nine more days to go.

Foodies can grab this awesome kitchen gaget on CiniBird's website for $34.90

Check out the CiniBird video below.  


[Photo Credit: CiniBird]

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