Apple devices typically find their way to many holiday wish lists, and this year is no different: iPhones and iPads topped holiday device activations.

The holidays make a highly lucrative shopping season and despite their hefty price tags, Apple's smartphones and tablets were in high demand.

Apple iPhones And iPads Top Device Activations

Flurry Analytics reports that during the week until Christmas, iPhones, and iPads led device activations accounting for as much as 44 percent of all mobile device activations worldwide. Apple had a similar performance last year as well during the holiday shopping season.

Apple's archrival, Samsung, ranked second, making up 26 percent of mobile device activations during the week leading up to Christmas. Compared to the same period last year, Samsung device activations saw a five percent increase from the 22 percent share in 2016.

"While Samsung dominates global market share, they fell short as the gift of choice during the holiday season," notes Flurry Analytics.

Nevertheless, Flurry attributes the 5 percent increase compared to last year to the Galaxy S8 launch that succeeded the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, when Samsung had to recall the exploding device twice.

Apple Product Diversity Works Out

The report also indicates that Apple's effort to diversify and expand its product lineup is paying off, as people bought various iDevices in the week leading up to Christmas.

Apple device activations covered various iPhone iterations ranging from the old iPhone 6 from 2014 to the brand new iPhone X from this year, with each model making up roughly 15 percent of all iPhone activations.

In the past, Apple didn't really have more than two or three smartphones on the market at the same time. That has changed over the past few years and the company added more diversity to its iPhone lineup, offering more products with different specifications and price points. The company has also kept supporting older handsets, which seems to be working out well in its favor.

This strategy aimed to boost Apple device adoption both in the United States and in global markets, offering more options for customers who can't afford the hefty price of the latest Apple gadgets.

Google Still Absent Despite Pixel 2 Launch

Google is notably missing once again from Flurry Analytics' holiday activations chart, although its Pixel 2 smartphones compete at the high-end spectrum of the smartphone market. The Pixel lineup is still in its beginnings, however, so it makes sense.

"It is safe to say that due to limited phone models (4) and lack of consumer mindshare, the Pixel is failing to pique users' interest," says Flurry Analytics.

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