Destiny 2 Gods of Mars DLC Info Leaks, Introduces New Enemy Faction


Destiny 2 just released its first Curse of Osiris DLC at the beginning of the month.

However, many fans were already disappointed with the game due to lack of endgame content and an XP controversy right on the heels of the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 loot box scandal.

Since then, Destiny brought out a new event called The Dawning, where another controversy began. Bright engrams, Destiny's loot box system wasn't awarding players controversy.

By Destiny standards, the leak of this DLC info is pretty pedestrian.

Leaked 'Gods Of Mars' DLC Details

Thanks to those manning the PlayStation Store in Japan and the United States, interesting details about the upcoming DLC were leaked earlier than expected. Gods of Mars will be released in March 2018.

The leaked info mentions a new space to explore called Frigid Vale of Mars. Mars is absent from the sequel but will make its return with a brand new space.

Charlemagne, the warmind from Mars that was mentioned in bits and pieces in the first game, seems to be set up as the main antagonist. It has trapped Rasputin in an ancient vault. Also mentioned in the said leak is guardian Anna Bray, who will be helping the main player fight Charlemagne.

Seemingly, the second DLC will not only have the Frigid Vale of Mars as a new area to explore, it will also have a new enemy faction. Since the original release of Destiny, there have been four enemy factions. There were two more factions introduced through DLC in the original game but they were variations of the original factions, The Taken and Devil Splicers.

In the description, Charlemagne's Remnants are mentioned and perhaps this is the name of the new faction. The addition of a new faction is a welcome sight for fans, at least, for those that are left playing the game. Controversies, lack of endgame content, and a heavy focus on the Eververse dwindle the number of people playing Destiny.

Lore Galore

Some of the lore that's teased in the description of the DLC includes Charlemagne, Anna Bray, and Rasputin.

Charlemagne is the name of the long-teased warmind of Mars, which would be the second warmind to appear in the game. In the description, it mentions that it has imprisoned Rasputin in an ancient vault.

Anna Bray is a Guardian with a familial connection to the Clovis Bray company that is suggested to be responsible for the creation of the Exos. Her diary could be found in a secret room in The Tower.

Rasputin is the Russian warmind of Earth that has been absent from Destiny 2 except for a mission on Io, where he sends the guardians a warning. Possibly, this is hinting at what will happen in the new DLC.

At this point, some fan service couldn't hurt. Since the release of the game, there has been a nonstop controversy for Bungie — from players complaining about the XP to Bungie being stingy with their Bright Engram system. The game developer is trying to lure players back by making changes but hasn't made any significant changes to the game.

Curiously absent from the leaked info is the mention of any raid activity. Fans were disappointed with the lack of an independent raid in the last DLC and it seems weird to not see it mentioned, even if it would just say "raid activity."

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