Mad Catz Roars Back To Life After Bankruptcy: New Video Game Accessories To Be Unveiled At CES 2018


Mad Catz declared bankruptcy in 2017, but the video game accessory maker has been revived and will even be present at the upcoming CES 2018.

In its second lease at life, Mad Catz will look to regain its title as one of the top manufacturers of gaming mice and controllers.

Mad Catz Reborn

Mad Catz waved goodbye last March, but apparently, that was not the end of the story for the gaming peripherals company. Most of its assets were bought by an unknown Chinese holding company that was composed of people who worked in Mad Catz factories in China.

The factory workers, who wanted to keep the Mad Catz name alive, spun off the assets into a new entity named Mad Catz Global Limited. The workers will now be able to continue what they have been doing, but with themselves as the bosses.

Mad Catz will indeed be coming back this year, as confirmed by company spokesman Alex Verrey, who was the director of communications for the first Mad Catz and now the head of a consultancy firm that does public relations work for the revived Mad Catz.

Mad Catz Will Be At CES 2018

Mad Catz will be showing off new gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets at CES 2018. However, the products will be the start of a more humble version of the company that went bankrupt.

"They're absolutely not going after the commodities side of the market," Verrey said, adding that the new Mad Catz will not look to release expensive accessories that gamers do not really want to purchase.

It appears that the revived Mad Catz has learned its lessons from past mistakes, such as its decision to co-publish Rock Band 4 in 2015. The company's earnings went from an income of $4.7 million to a loss of $11.6 million after its involvement in the music game, contributing to its eventual plunge into bankruptcy.

The new Mad Catz will unveil its new products at CES 2018. Three of these are the Strike 4 mechanical keyboard, the Freq 4 gaming headset, and the Rat Air gaming mouse that operates wirelessly through its mousepad. The three products are part of the classic series of Mad Catz, showing that the company will start its revival by going back to its roots, while focusing on the quality of its products instead of the quantity of devices it offers.

The new Mad Catz website, meanwhile, lists the details for all its upcoming products, which includes eight mice, two keyboards, two headsets, and five mousepads.

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