Bungie's first Destiny game faced trouble during development where its entire storyline was scrapped. A last-minute vague storyline was pieced together that the game story was poorly received.

Obviously, they learned from their previous experience, or so it seemed. A new report says Destiny 2, just like its predecessor, was overhauled entirely during development.

A Shaky Development

When first released, Destiny 2 was the darling of gamers and critics alike. It was praised for a stronger story, different locations, and better voice work.

However, players quickly lost all of that goodwill when they found that the game wasn't what it seemed. It had no endgame content, most of the collectibles were stuck behind the Eververse loot box store, and the PVP was more balance but just plain boring.

Apparently, it's no surprise to learn that Destiny 2 had been rebooted halfway through development. Jason Schreier of Kotaku appeared on the DTR Podcast where he revealed just what had happened to the game midway through development.

"I think that it was made in a relatively short period of time. There was a big reboot of Destiny 2 at some point in early 2016. There had been a previous guy who was directing the game before Luke Smith, who's the current director, took over," said Schreier. "So that guy was kind of put aside - he's not at Bungie anymore - and Luke Smith took over. I believe that was in April of 2016 but I might be misremembering."

The news is nothing new, however. Schreier reported it back in May at the end of the article, almost as an aside. Nothing was made of it then, but the way that the game is going now, this adds fuel to the fire.

Growing Problems

In the same podcast, Schreier described how Bungie came up with Eververse. The game developer had a problem releasing the number of DLCs they were contractually obligated to make in their deal with Activision.

As a way around it, they came up with the Eververse. Instead of making a bunch of different DLCs, Bungie would monetize content by selling it directly to players. Activision agreed and that's how Destiny wound up with the Eververse store.

Destiny's player base is currently angry. They're angry about the Bright Engrams, they're angry about lack of endgame content, they're angry about the changes to PVP, and they're even angry about the lack of vault space.

They say any news is goods news but Bungie is facing a long list of problems with their beleaguered title. Fans spent most of The Dawning season enraged by the Bright Engrams and role of the Eververse in the Destiny 2 event.

Meanwhile, a big patch for Destiny 2 was released on Tuesday, Jan. 3. The patch gives players who don't own the Curse of Osiris DLC access to Iron Banner and Faction Rallies.

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